Almond Drinks Market Size Statistics and Fact From 2018 to 2025

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Almond Drinks are a class of drinksthat are extracted from ground almonds that contains creamy texture and nuttyflavor. These drinks do not contain lactose, and are highly preferred by the consumerswho are lactose intolerant. Major brands that are associated in the almonddrinks market include Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze.

The growing concerns towarddietary restriction plays an important role in the rise in the growth foralmond drinks market in the recent years. Almond drinks consist of high amountof fibers, proteins and lipids and does not contain saturated fat andcholesterol hence making it a major choice among the ageing population sufferingfrom high blood pressure and heart diseases across the globe.  Moreover, consumption of almond drinks offersexcellent health benefits such as smooth digestion, maintaining bone health andweight management among others which is also anticipated to surge the almonddrinks market.

AlmondDrinks Market: An Upward Trend

The rising inclination towardconsumption of dairy products that are lactose free in order to maintain aproper galactose level in the body has resulted to the rise in the demand forthe almond drinks in recent years. The growth trajectories of the almond drinksand dairy milk are starkest when the sales are concerned. According to Insightsand Reports the sales of almond milk grew 7.9% in 2016 while the traditionalmilk fell by 7%. In addition to this, factors such as ease of preparation,enhanced taste, and nutrition value along with the growing demand for on the gobeverages is estimated to substantially contribute to the growth of the almonddrinks market during the review period.

However, lack of awarenessregarding the benefits of the product coupled with the presence of other diary-basedalternative are one the major factors restraining the growth of the almonddrinks market during the assessed period.

On the basis of product type,the plain unsweetened segment was the largest segment in 2017 and is projectedto show the same trend during the forecast years. The growing prevalence ofdiabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases among others islargely contributing to the growth of the segment. On the basis of flavor, thealmond drinks market has been segmented as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry,peach and others. According to Insights and Reports analysis, the chocolateflavor segment is projected to generate the highest gains during the reviewperiod. The rising preference of chocolate over other available flavors thesegment is the major factor leading to the growth of the segment.

Regional Insights 

In terms of region wise study,the almond drinks market has been segmented into North America, Europe, AsiaPacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. North America is expected to dominatethe almond drinks market followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. The growingdemand for on the go beverage in U.S along with the presence of the largestproducer and exporter of almonds in the region (California) is furtheranticipated to augment the almond drinks market growth during the forecastperiod. In addition to this, the rise in the number of lactose intolerantconsumers in the North American region is also positively contributing to the surgein the almond drinks market revenue. Europe and Asia Pacific is estimated toregister significant market growth during the review period. 

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