Industrial Absorbents Market Future Statistics and Facts Analysis 2018 -2025

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Absorbent are acost-efficient solution to manage accidental spills, leaks and drips. Theseabsorbents are the best solution for any workplace that is involved in storingor utilizing liquids of any nature. Absorbents are color-coded as their nature ofabsorbency varies. White absorbents are suitable for oil and fuel spills. Theyhave been designed to repel water and specifically absorb hydrocarbons. Greyabsorbents are basically ideal for all spill types comprising coolant, paint,mild acids and bases, as well as water-based chemicals. Pink colored absorbentsare ideal for chemical spills.

Market Dynamics

Global Industrial Absorbents Market Size was valued USD 3,258 million in the year 2017, and growing at a rate of 4.7% duringthe forecast period.

Segment Analysis

On the basis of product,the market is bifurcated into pads, rolls, booms & socks. Booms and socksare suitable as industrial absorbents products for spill control. Booms andsocks are mainly utilized for oil-based spill control in water environment.Booms have superior water repelling characteristics which makes them as idealchoice for water environments such as sea, lakes, and ponds, among others.Socks are flexible tubes which are used to control spills on land environmentand are best suited for quickly absorbing oil- or water-based liquid spills onland. In Middle East & Africa and Europe, there are high occurrences oflarge spills in marine areas, this factors propels the growth of booms &socks segment in the industrial absorbents market.

On the basis of type,the market is classified into universal, oil-only, HAZMAT. HAZMAT or chemicalabsorbent products are utilized to cleanup a spill which involves acids, bases,and other hazardous or unknown liquids as these spills can have hazardous impactson the environment as well as human being present in the vicinity. HAZMAT productsare designed to absorb acidic and are mainly composed of synthetic absorbents. Additionally,stringent regulations in North America and Europe on chemical discharge in tothe environment have led to a significant increase in the demand for spillcontrol products designed for chemicals. Therefore, this factor has boosted theadoption and application of HAZMAT absorbent products.

On the basis of end-useindustry the market is classified into oil & gas, chemical, and foodprocessing.  Chemicals are harmful materials,and can cause severe harm to humans as well as environment if accidentallyreleased in the environment. Chemical accidents generally occur duringtransportation of chemicals. Chemical manufacturers need to immediately respondto accidental spills that occur during manufacturing processes to minimize theimpact of spills on the environment. Additionally, regions such as NorthAmerica and Europe have stringent regulations with respect to chemicals andspill response. All these factors have boosted the growth of the industrialabsorbents market in the chemical end-use industry.

Regional Analysis of Industrial Absorbents Market

On the basis of regionthe industrial absorbents market is analyzed across North America, Europe,Asia-Pacific (APAC), and LAMEA.  Industrialabsorbents market in Asia Pacific region is anticipated to have the highestgrowth rate during the projected period owing to the rising awareness andpressure to strengthen environmental regulations for spill response &control and pollution caused by end-use industries. The industrial absorbentsmarket in Asia Pacific region is driven by the demand from countries such asChina, Japan, India, and South Korea, due to rapid industrialization.

Key players operating in Industrial Absorbents Market

Key players of global industrialabsorbents market are 3M Company, Brady Corporation, Johnson Matthey Plc, Oil-DriCorporation of America, Ansell Limited, New Pig Corporation, Monarch Green,Inc., DecorUS Europe Ltd., and Meltblown Technologies Inc.

The other players inthe value chain include UES Promura, Kimberly-Clark Professional, JaycotIndustries, Chemtex, Tolsa Group, Asa Environmental Products Inc., GEI Works, EPMinerals, Share Corporation, and Absorbent Products Ltd.

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