Worldwide Automotive Electronics Industry Analysis From 2017 to 2025 (Value in billion US Dollar)

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Automotive Electronics is an electronic systems that are usedin engine management, vehicles, ignition, radio, telematics, in-carentertainment systems and others. Ignition, engine, and transmissionelectronics are also found in trucks, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and otherinternal combustion-powered machinery such as forklifts, tractors, andexcavators. 

Automotive Electronics market was valued at USD 228.56 billion in 2018. The market is expected to growat a faster pace during the forecast period. The Automotive Electronics market is primarilydriven growing adoption and integration of advanced safety-systems, such asairbags, and automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). Additionally, features, such asaccident data recorder systems, alcohol ignition interlocks, and emergency callsystems, are also gaining traction and are expected to upkeep the market growthover the forecast period.

Additionally, government regulationsto minimize road fatalities, and technological advancements related toin-vehicle safety are boosting the demand for advanced safety systems. Inaddition, demand for in-car infotainment systems owing to efficiency, comfort,and convenience is estimated to fuel the market growth further.

Based on the componenttype, the Automotive Electronics market is segmented as ECU, Current CarryingDevice, and Sensor. The current carrying devices segment led the market, owningto the higher cost, and increased demand for the electronic switch, and also,regulatory pressures on the manufacturers to reduce overall fleet emissions isadding up to production costs.

On the basis of application,the Automotive Electronics market is segmented as Safety System, ADAS, and BodyElectronics. Safety systems to be the largest contributing segment during theforecast period.

Regional Analysis of Automotive Electronics Market

Asia Pacific to holdthe largest market share in this industry, owning to the increasing electroniccomponent manufacturing industry in the Asian countries namely Taiwan, SouthKorea, Malaysia and Thailand. aiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand

North America isexpected to be the second-largest market. U.S. is expected to dominate theNorth American regional market over the forecast period owing to higherautomotive production and presence of key manufacturers.

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